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Vivian Nguyen

Life-long Learner and Financial Audit Whiz

Transitioning to the professional workforce was daunting for Vivian, but she has progressed from vacationer to professional with poise. With a strong work ethic and eagerness to learn and grow, Vivian quickly found herself in front of real clients, and now helps them to manage their businesses and solve real business problems.

Vivian’s ongoing career journey with Pitcher Partners is fuelled by her understated confidence, sharp intellect and strong motivation. She first joined Pitcher Partners in 2017 through the vacationer program, and immediately stood out with her high calibre work and positive attitude. This led to ongoing employment as a bookkeeper during the final year of her undergraduate degree, and the offer of an analyst role in the firm’s graduate program.

With a Bachelor of Economics and Finance, you might expect this rising young professional to work in one of Pitcher Partners’ advisory divisions, but Vivian specialises in preparing financial statements and identifying key business risks for family and private business. Pitcher Partners recognised Vivian’s talent for numbers early on, and supported her to undertake a bridging course to develop her financial accounting and theory skills. “I worked full-time while studying part-time. My manager was really flexible, giving me time away from the office to study and take exams, which made juggling work and life manageable.”

Within days of officially commencing the graduate program, Vivian was accompanying senior staff to client-site projects – to observe, learn and contribute. It’s this part of the job Vivian enjoys most. “I love working with clients. It’s getting to know the people behind the business and understanding their passions and goals, that’s the best part of my job. It’s a lot of responsibility, as clients are relying on me for the right information at the right time. Working directly with clients gives me the drive and passion to deliver my best.”

When not focused on the books – both textbooks and clients’ books – she is a budding pastry chef and aspiring florist, enjoying the peace and calm associated with using her hands to craft something beautiful and unique. “It’s a way of switching off after focusing on numbers for much of the day, but I also love to bake for others.” Vivian’s generosity is abundantly clear. She has a strong group orientation and is known for her ability to bring people together in conversation, whether it’s through a delicious cake or a serious conversation about finance.