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Selini Kormas

Avid Basketballer and Audit Professional

Graduating university in 2016, Selini wasn’t certain what she wanted to do with her life (and openly admits she’s still not 100% sure). But, with a passion for people, a mind for numbers, and a longing to pursue a professional career, Selini landed a role with one of Australia’s most highly regarded advisory, audit and accounting firms.

As the end of her double Bachelor's degree majoring in Accounting and Banking & Finance approached, Selini weighed up her options. There were many directions her learnings and passions could take her, but how would she choose? The answer, in Selini’s words, was to join a well-known brand that could support her in developing her skills and experience, while getting close to the action and excitement.

Selini considered a range of roles and businesses, but Pitcher Partners seemed the best fit. “Pitcher Partners had a reputation in the industry of being different to other firms. It valued its people – both employees and clients – and that was important as I didn’t want to be just another number.”

Selini’s first week at Pitcher Partners was an opportunity to connect with graduates from Pitcher Partners firms around Australia. The 2017 cohort spent an intense week of learning and development on the Gold Coast: listening to leading guest speakers, exploring the local area and making new friends.

The learning, rewarding work and comradery continued when Selini began her new role in the audit division. She felt close to the action from the outset, making offsite visits to clients alongside colleagues, managers, and partners. It’s a pattern that has continued. “Every audit is different and exciting. The team and I usually work on-site with clients for several weeks at a time, providing an opportunity to experience the client’s business first hand.”

Selini’s work is just one of her passions. She dreams of expressing her creative side through jewelry design, and if she wasn’t in the corporate world she would pursue her professional basketball career. Selini likens the game to her experience of working at Pitcher Partners. “Business and sport aren’t that different. It’s important to have a great coach and team around you.”

Upon reflection, Selini concedes she probably could do it all right now, because workplace flexibility and trust from her managers and firm partners encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Selini has forged strong friendships during her time at Pitcher Partners. “I’ve stayed with my graduate cohort and we’ve been on the journey together. I’m actually starting my CA (Chartered Accountant) Program this year [2019] and while I wasn’t expecting to get back to study again so soon, it’s a great opportunity thanks to Pitcher Partners.”

When asked if she saw herself at an advisory, accounting, and audit firm when she was younger, Selini vehemently says no. But she’s been pleasantly surprised. “The team here is vibrant...and some more young at heart,” she jokes. “The stereotype of accounting firms as conservative and old fashioned just isn’t true.”