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Anthony Lo

7.45 AM 

I am currently on an audit for a global manufacturing company, and COVID-19 restrictions have eased in Melbourne (at the time of writing), which means I’ll need to drive to the client’s office today. Depending on my morning mood, I’ll either put on a podcast or some tunes for the commute. Today I’ll be listening to Spotify’s “80s Jam Session” playlist to energise my morning.    

8.20 AM

The first thing I do when I get to the client’s office is to check my emails. It’s not uncommon to be working on multiple clients or with people who work overseas in different time zones who will send emails to you while you’re asleep. When clients send through emails, I either respond to them asking for more information or leave it in my inbox to be actioned when I work on the task later in the day.

8.30 AM

Once the entire team has arrived, we always have a meeting to discuss our progress and goals for the day. This can involve discussing any outstanding matters we have with the client that need to be followed up.  

During this meeting I will also time block my calendar with the different tasks I’ll be doing throughout the day. This helps me to stay focussed and aware of the tasks I need to complete. 

9.00 AM

One of the best things about working in the professional services industry is working with clients in diverse industries. I normally spend 10 to 15 minutes of my morning chatting with the client’s finance team  to check the status of my various requests from previous days.   

10.30 AM 

I then dial in to my regular catch up with the other analysts in my group for a virtual coffee.  

As we work flexibly at the Pitcher Partners, virtual catch ups are great as we can all dial in whether we are working from the comfort of our homes, the client’s office or from one of our two offices in Melbourne.  


11.00 AM 

One of today’s major tasks is analysing and getting support for various sections regarding the client’s Property, Plant and Equipment. This first involves analysing the information provided and then compiling a list of support I will require from the client.    

12.45 PM 

When out at a client site, it’s nice to have  lunch, a coffee and walk around a new area. I enjoy my lunch and then head out for an afternoon walk and grab a coffee. 


2.00 PM 

After a quick power hour of work, I compile a list of requests and questions that I need to speak to the client about.  

4.30 PM

I get a call from a manager on a job that I will be on next week. They brief me on the client and the work that we will be doing for them. Being part of the Business Advisory and Assurance team gives you exposure to both advisory and audit work, which provides me with a breadth of experience in the professional services industry. 

5.00 PM 

As the day begins to wrap up, the team updates each other on our progress and any outstanding requests that we have with the client. 

5.30 PM

Today is Friday, and with the eased COVID-19 restrictions (at the time of writing), I’m able to go into our office on 664 Collins Street to meet with the other analysts in person for a catch up. Cheers!