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AAC Technologies Holdings

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

About AAC Technologies Holdings

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What it does: researches, develops, manufactures and distributes electronic components for mobile devices, including acoustics, haptics, MEMS/sensors, optics, precision processing, and RF and antenna products.

Best known for: AAC Technologies supplies miniature components (eg speakers, receivers and microphones) to Apple.

Staff stats: More than 52,000 employees worldwide.

The good bits: Entry-level roles at the company involve frequent travel. Salaries are negotiable, while benefits include bonuses, bank holidays, and dental and medical insurance.

The not so good bits: AAC Technologies requires further education (ie PhD and doctoral degrees) for entry-level positions such as technology strategy analysts.

The AAC Technologies Holdings story

AAC Technologies has operated for more than 25 years. The company established its business in 1993 and mass-produced transducers five years later. By 2002, the electronic manufacturer expanded its operations to include mass production of multifunctional receivers, high-quality speakers and ECM microphones.

AAC Technologies went public in 2005 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The IPO helped them to clinch supply deals with the top five mobile phone makers in the world in 2008. The company achieved another milestone in 2016 when it became a blue-chip stock company, after joining the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong. The company has focused on smart manufacturing and big data operations to support China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ and ‘China Manufacturing 2025’ initiatives.

The company has 28 offices in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America; nine production facilities in China, the Philippines and Vietnam; and 15 research and development centres in China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the USA.

The recruitment process

Applicants go through seven stages of recruitment at the company. It starts with an online or career fair application followed by an aptitude test, three rounds of interviews, employment agreement and onboarding. Some positions may not require an aptitude test and a third interview.

AAC Technologies also advised job seekers to apply for not more than two positions. The company won’t disclose the results of the aptitude test whether or not you pass it. You should receive an email within one month after your application to know the result. It’s safe to assume that you are unsuccessful if the company doesn’t contact you within two months.

Career prospects

The company accepts interns during certain times of the year. Recent graduates who have been interns for at least three months and already signed an employment agreement may become full-time employees. Entry-level roles include technology strategy analysts and MEMS design engineers, but a bachelor’s degree won’t be enough to be considered for a job vacancy.

Technology strategy analysts must have a PhD in electrical engineering or signal processing with data analytics experience, although the company still considers those with less than one year of experience after graduation. MEMS design engineers have a PhD degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or acoustic engineering, or a doctoral degree in MEMS.


You can negotiate your salary at AAC Technologies. The company provides employees with dental and medical insurance, double pay, performance bonus and bank holidays.

The culture

Some employees say that the company has a typical corporate culture in the IT sector (eg nice colleagues, friendly work environment). You need to be flexible and willing to work with Chinese and international companies in the manufacturing and technology sector. Be prepared to work longer hours because a normal workweek at AAC Technologies lasts from 5.5 to 6 days.

The competition

AAC Technologies competes with AMETEK, Eltek, Sunstone Circuits and XP Power. AMETEK is the oldest among the company’s rivals with operations since 1930. Eltek opened for business in 1970, while Sunstone Circuits and XP Power have been in the industry since 1972 and 1991, respectively.

Social contributions

The company emphasised its environmental protection efforts in 2018 with more than RMB52 million of investments in equipment and sustainable design. Other corporate social responsibility projects included greenhouse gas accounting by an independent auditor. The third-party inspection showed that the company achieved an 11.8 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the production plant in Shenzhen, China.


Gotham City Research accused the company in 2017 of not having transparent accounting practices. A report claimed that AAC Technologies engaged in improper accounting practices, which resulted in questionably high-profit margins of the company.

The vibe of the place

Graduates who prefer to be on-the-go should apply for a job at AAC Technologies, but you’ll need more than a bachelor’s degree to qualify for entry-level roles. The work-life balance can be quite unhealthy with the longer workweek. You should also expect frequent changes at the company. Those who can’t keep up may not last long in their roles.

The company remains a good choice for tech graduates because of the diverse learning opportunities from handling multiple projects, international work assignments and dealing with different clients.

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